North West Passage

On standby from 2015

We are no strangers to ocean rowing firsts. Leven Brown our resident Skipper and MD was the first man to row out of the unconquered Bay of Cadiz and the first man to row from mainland Spain to the West Indies. He was also the first, and so far only, skipper in history ever to simultaneously hold both North Atlantic and South Atlantic speed records.

Pioneering is in our blood, it is in everyone’s blood to a certain degree.

The North West Passage will be rowed from Kaktovik, Alaska over the top of Canada to Newfoundland. The first time this will have been done. The only true North West passage route never conquered by human power, 3500 miles.

We live in a world where there are few true adventures left. This is a rare and disappearing opportunity for crew and sponsors to become part of something that is not only inspiring but truly unique. We seek both additional crew and sponsorship.

The media and PR opportunities that await successful crew and sponsors are of staggering proportions especially given the modest investments required. The Expedition is also a vehicle to raise funds for good causes and to raise awareness of issues as well as brands.

The only true North West passage route never conquered by human power, 3500 miles

We have a uniquely experienced core crew with over 30,000 miles of ocean experience in warm and cold climates in Don Lennox, Ray Carroll and Leven Brown. No other ocean rowing squad is able to claim this and no other has the track record.

The boat is a carbon kevlar monohull that will take 4 crew and will be able to deal with ice and insulated for very cold conditions.

For a presentation, prospectus or just more information on one of the last great adventures please call or email.